Building Wealth Through Single Family Real Estate Investments with Jeff Pintar

Investing in single-family homes for rent has become one of the hottest investment opportunities of the season. And for good reason, according to Jeff Pintar, founder of Pintar Investment Company. Investing in Single Family homes for rent is a great way to generate consistent returns while avoiding the stress and anxiety of the stock market. The need for housing isn’t going anywhere, and while housing values do fluctuate, historically they will increase in value over the years. Based out of Southern California, Pintar Investment Company is a renowned, well-established, full-service single-family rental enterprise with cutting-edge technologies that have refined the investment experience in over 10,000 single-family homes for rent.

What makes single-family homes for rent such a great investment? Jeff Pintar: This type of investment is similar to Starbuck’s model. Starbucks isn’t necessarily making a huge profit on individual lattes, but when you add them all up it’s a nice business. And more importantly, the diversity of all those lattes doesn’t mean it’s catastrophic if you spill one. The same is true for single-family homes for rent, the risk of getting involved in investing in a single-family home is extremely diluted if you can create a diversified portfolio of rental homes that are professionally managed. If you make a mistake on one home, it won’t be the end of the world as the other homes in your portfolio will still provide you with a consistent and predictable income stream. It’s when you aggregate that model that the real magic happens.

What sets Pintar apart in the industry? Jeff Pintar: Our team has an excellent track record. Since our inception, we have invested and managed well over 10,000 homes valued in excess of $2B in several markets around the country. However, what truly sets us apart is our affinity for operations. Our world-class management team directly contributes to our success. We treat our tenants like real people, and the proof is in our metrics. We currently have a 97% occupancy rate and even during COVID-19 and our delinquency has been less than 2%. Our retention rate is excellent as well. On average, our tenants stay for 3.5 years, well above industry standard. However, we’re also committed to the consistent growth in income.

What is the best way to get involved with this investment opportunity? Jeff Pintar: Do your homework in finding the right option for you. Do you want to be 100% in control of your portfolio which may mean giving up diversity and downside protection? Or, are you more comfortable giving your money to a professional and letting them manage your investments? If you choose the latter, recognize that not all sponsors are created equal or have the right experience to make your investment a success. Consider their track record, do they have proven experience taking a project from a-to-z? Do they have considerable capital at risk alongside yours? These are all questions to consider as you decide the best options to grow your wealth in residential investing.

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