Pintar Investment Company is a proven and highly experienced team who have delivered consistent and predictable results for our partner investors over the past decade. Headquartered in beautiful Southern California we were first movers to structured investing in the area of single family residential homes at the end of the financial crisis. Our investment strategy focuses not only on appreciation and cash flow but provides for redemption and liquidity; something unique to this area. Our strategy is anchored to our philosophy of PROTECT, PRESERVE and GROW our clients wealth.

We have evolved over the years, just like the real estate market itself, and have broadened our scope to include a variety of residential and commercial rental properties including but not limited to single family homes, apartments and mixed used developments. By investing alongside our partners we align both interests and are often the largest participant in each project; this reinforces our fiduciary position by design.

If you would like to discuss any of the current offerings in greater detail we would love to have that conversation.
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