Single-family homes, Apartments and Mixed Use Developments.

Single-Family Rental Homes – Core +
With a market value close to $30 trillion, the U.S. single-family home market is enormous. Within that market single-family rental homes represent an estimated 26 million units with a market value of $5 trillion that is almost entirely owned by non-institutional investors. The majority of rental ownership is comprised of individuals with holdings from 1 to 10 properties and wildly varying levels of maintenance and upkeep.

Investment Summary
In 2010, Pintar Investment Company began acquiring properties through our defined and proven selection criteria. Since that time we have delivered consistent and predictable results while being co-invested with our limited partners. Our portfolio properties are maintained at the highest standards allowing for premium level rental income and consistent lease renewals. The value-add segment of the portfolio highlights the innovative and creative vision our development team. To see the dramatic changes go to the portfolio tab for before and after pictures.

Investment Opportunity
• Appreciation
• Cash flow

Accredited Investors looking for exposure to Core+ assets comprised of Single Family Residential, with a long-term proven track record should set a due-diligence call.

The Pintar Team
The team at Pintar consists of more than 15 dedicated professionals with extensive and complementary residential expertise. We have considerable experience investing in single and multi-family residential along with mix use commercial. Our team members bring years of knowledge from both the buy and sell side, having worked in analysis, financial modeling, wealth management, private equity, and sales. Every investment opportunity is rigorously vetted through detailed examinations of comparative modeling analysis, loan and industry data, and identification of pricing inefficiencies.